Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baan Pee Raka -The House of Rooster

Yesterday, I have a chance to welcome one of my respected cousin and her family who came from the South of Thailand.  So, we decided that yessssss it's time to dine out!! So, it's my job to decide where is the good place to go. Since I am in the Romkloa area [near Suwannabhumi airport] Then, I chose this one since I have known before this is a good place, even it's quite expensive but why not just try once!

This restaurant is in Romkloa Soi. 8/1. Just 50 meter from the main street. You will see the small car park on your right hand and the beautiful greenery leafy house on your left hand. Yes, this is our destination! At first, I didn't know we arrived, I just told my brother to look at this house and telling him how nice the house was! There is a big tree called " Luntom" the plant with white smelled flowers that Thais associate with the funeral in the past since its name means the sadness. However, that is the past. Nowaday, they changed the name from Luntom to be Leelawadee which means the flowers. This big plant stays in front of the restaurant with some foliage. There are 2 sections in the restaurant, the air condition and the non-air condition one which I would rather call the natural one. Since my family and I [ we were 8 yesterday] prefer the outside so we enjoy seeing the greenery around us and feel so comfortable with the atmosphere. The restaurant surrounded by the big trees with some small ones or with leafy fern make their own spots look very shady. There are the decorations of those roosters to put around the spots, make it more snazzy by put some of roosters in the cage :)

We ordered lots of dishes and one thing I got to compliment is all our dishes came very fast! Even yesterday they had many clients but still the food came just fast. My niece ordered the Springroll Ham Cheese to be the first appetizer and after that everyone start to order their dishes!!  

 These are what we ordered for our dinner last night :
- Springroll Ham Cheese
- Kaeng Laeng Kung : The soup with lots of vegetable with shrimp paste
- Pad Kung Prik Sod : Stir Fried shrimp with Chilly [not spicy though]
- Roti Kaeng Kai : Nan bread with green curry chicken [So good!]
- Fried Chicken Wings [not special]
- Lab Mu Krob : Spicy Thai salad style with pork [very yummy]
- Stir fried Sunflowers sprout : this dish is very special. I never known before that the sprout of the Sun Flowers plant can be cooked and it's tasted so good with the way they did.
- Snow Fish with spicy salad
- Stir Fried Shrimp with cashewnut
- Sparerib with green curry
- Rice
- and the last one the "It's a beer Heinegen!

All the aboved menu for 2,260 bahts not bad at all for 8 people with the tasty food and a very nice and pleasant atmosphere of this restaurant. If you live near by the Suwannabhumi airport or in Minburi area, I will recommend you to come to this restaurant.

When we were out of the Baan Pee Raka, we found the fully big moon. Oh it's soooo big last night. I was told that it's the biggest full moon for the last 18 years since yesterday was the day that the moon came closest to our earth!